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leasing - landlord

To get you that prime tenant, we will

  • One of or agents will make a detailed inspection of your property in order familiarize ourselves with it, to represent you properly
  • Photograph your property, so prospective tenants will know what it offers, while scanning our database
  • Measure your property, so that tenants will know if it suits their needs
  • Describe the neighbourhood
  • List your property on our public database and website
  • Directly market your property to our large and growing list of interested tenants (work the phones!)
  • Place a large sign on the property – always the best advertising
  • Help set the fair market rent. After all, it’s in our name, we specialize in Valuation so we can help you set the right rent so you don’t under rent it and, at the same time, don’t ask too much – which will cause it to sit vacant even longer

The best part is, you don’t pay us until it’s rented  – our fee to lease up your property for 1-2 years is only 1 month rent. As a summer special, we are taking 50% off

Tenant placement 1-2 years


Tenant placement 3-4 years


Tenant placement 5+ years


Property Management – Landlords

Let us, the professionals, manage your property for us to ensure it’s well maintained and there are no problems. As a landlord, the last thing you want is late night phone calls because a sink is plugged – but that’s what we specialize in!

Our property management service includes

  • Collecting rent and depositing to your account
  • Keeping detailed financial records on your revenue and expenses
  • Making emergency repairs to property as needed Conducting regular
  • Conducting regular inspections to the property to make sure is being well maintained
  • Checking in with tenants, ensuring they are happy (happy tenants renew leases 😊  )
  • Providing valuation advice, both for rental rates and also on overall property value

Click BELOW to tell us about your property or call (083) 877-7092 – we can have you listed on our system and get hard to work on finding you a tenant TODAY!

Property Selection – Tenants

As a tenant, your family and business are number one. Finding the right property will make or break your success. This is why Aedis Global will be there to help you make that right decision. Getting the right advice on this important business matter is crucial.

If you are a prospective tenant, looking for that right property, register with us BELOW by clicking the button or call (083) 877-7092  and we will add you to our tenant list so that you can be reached when we find that perfect property.

To be added to our tenant list so we can IMMEDIATELY help you find that space

goldstar service

We also recommend our GOLD STAR service, which gives you the following exclusive features:

  • Pre-screening: we will pre-screen you by checking your credit history, rental history and financial information as part of the GOLD STAR service. Then landlord will know that you come RECOMMENDED by us – after you pass the review of course
  • FIRST PRIORITY.  As a GOLD STAR member, you will be notified first of any new listings we sign up on spaces that suit your needs
  • Market evaluation.  We will provide a market evaluation on any premises you consider renting, so that you know if you are paying a fair price
  • Access to our preferred contractors for a full range of improvements
  • We will work hard to find you a property – not only from the ones in our database but ALSO within our trusted network of landlord and business partners

Fee:  200 SRP per square metre of space sought. 

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